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Clarence Gideon was an innocent man who lost a couple years of his life due to the injustice that was dealt upon him by the Florida Circuit Court judge. Clarence Gideon did not lead the most successful or admirable life, telling from the condition he was found in, a bottle of wine in hand, the smell of it on his breath, and only a bit of change in his pockets. But, Clarence Gideon was a citizen who's right to an attorney was violated, causing him to be sentenced to prison, which is no walk in the park by any means.

The Courts in Florida

The courts in Florida for a while after this case were seen as, practically the devil due to one judge denying Clarence Gideon his right to an attorney. This view of the courts was did not last long and was not major, but indeed it did have a short term hostile view of the court system.

Clarence E. Gideon

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