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This case is very important to our judicial history. Robert F. Kennedy once said "If an obscure Florida convict named Clarence Earl Gideon had not sat down in his prison cell . . . to write a letter to the Supreme Court . . . the vast machinery of American law would have gone on functioning undisturbed. But Gideon did write that letter, the Court did look into his case . . . and the whole course of American legal history has been changed." Robert F. Kennedy said that because an innocent had his right to an attorney violated, and when he was sentenced to prison, after being forced to defend himself, he did not stay contempt by sitting behind bars, Clarence Gideon knew what his rights were and wrote a letter to the Supreme Court, appealing the judge's decision to not provide a lawyer. This case shows an innocent American man taking control and fighting for himself and proving to be victorious, and that's what America is all about.

¡Es muy bueno!

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